about db+rb founder, brittany vanover (me!)

Who am I? I’m Kelly Kapoor, the business bitch. Just kidding, I’m Brittany Vanover. Wife of one, mom of two, and carer of an animal horde (two dogs, two cats, and eleven chickens, to be exact!). I’m a frequent binger of The Office, eyelash extension addict, and personal development junkie. Lover of the ‘f’ word and run on sentences. Hand embroidery shop owner, pet sitter extraordinaire, and founder of Doing Business + Raising Babies.

I founded db+rb in August of 2017. Helping other mothers in business became a passion of mine after my son was born. I hated how traditional business books were overwhelmingly male, aggressive, and preached a hustle mentality that just didn’t align with me. Overwhelmingly these resources were not made with me, and other women and mothers like me, in mind so I set out to create content specifically for us. I founded db+rb as a way to build a community of like minded and ambitious moms, showcase the many different kinds of businesses that are mother run, and provide much needed resources to women who were just starting out and looking for a way to make their dreams come true.

I work hard to bring my vision of this space to life because I imagine a world where moms are not limited or held back by ‘mom guilt’ they can’t seem to shake.

I image a world where mothers can be amazing parents and partners AND follow their dream of building their own business.

I image a world where you have resources that were made specifically for you so you no longer have to spend hours digging through books and articles that just don’t resonate.

I am building a community of mothers who are confident in the exploration of their own aspirations and identity and who don’t apologize for it.

I don’t think you have hustle 24/7 and burn yourself out to be successful. I think you can find an organic balance of business + motherhood that works for you and your family and I’m making it my personal mission to help you get there.

So welcome! This space was made for you and I hope you love your time here.

Yours in business + motherhood,

Brittany Vanover