Welcome to Doing Business and Raising Babies!

    Welcome to Doing Business and Raising Babies!  My name is Brittany Vanover and I’m so glad you have joined me here. This project is very near and very dear to my heart.  It is my greatest hope to turn this into an uplifting and supportive space for all you business mamas. Whether you are a mom who is balancing entrepreneurship and motherhood, a full-time working mom, a mom with a hobby you are turning into a side hustle, a mom going back to school (or going for the first time!), or just a mother with business ambition who is searching for the inspiration to get started-- this is the place for you.

  When I became pregnant, I found it very difficult to find business related books and resources aimed specifically at mothers who were trying to build a business and balance that with motherhood. I wanted to create a community for this seemingly overlooked group of people. Balancing business and motherhood is hard, but not impossible. It is my goal to create a community that will help you overcome the challenges of taking on both of these things at once. We are here to learn from other mothers who have been where we want to be and who have done what we wish to do.  Here you will find motivational content from some of my favorite books, interviews with other business mamas, business and motherhood advice, and so much more.  

    I hope you find this to be the haven that you have been looking for and I'm so excited for us to get started and grow together!


Why Time Management is Crap

Why Time Management is Crap