New beginnings

New beginnings

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     There’s something magical about new beginnings.  Whether it’s the beginning of a new month, new year, or even new week, people tend to dream bigger at the start.  It’s easy to make bright and shiny plans at the beginning of the year, it’s once they start dulling and becoming forgotten a little ways through where confidence and motivation can dwindle.  I don’t know how accurate it is, but there is a commonly repeated statistic that says only 8% of people follow through with their New Year’s Resolutions.  Even with such dire odds, I firmly believe that making plans and goals are good, even if you don’t see them through until the end.  Good intentions carry weight and often what we have planned ends up morphing into something better or perhaps we even realize that it wasn’t such a good idea to begin with and we are then able to move forward and evolve. 

     2018 is going to look quite a bit different for me, my family, and my little businesses. As such, I’m goal setting differently this year as well.  Adding a new baby into the mix in May is going to change the order of importance I place on my businesses and this little passion project. In addition, it will also mix up my daily schedule and call for a period of adjustment while getting used to two babies under a year and a half. No longer will I be able to do multiple pet sitting appointments a day, it’s hard enough sometimes getting one baby ready and out the door on time.  I also won’t have as much time for my handmade embroidery shop, handmade is time consuming, though it will be slightly easier to pick this up since it doesn’t require getting multiple people ready to leave the house!  Then there is this little passion project of mine.  I have big plans for Doing Business and Raising Babies and since it is workable from a laptop or phone, it’s about to shoot up the list and become the main event. 

     As I shift my focus from pet sitting and embroidery, a series of new skills arise that I need to learn.  This can be very daunting task, and as I talk about a lot, this is exactly the time where fear arises. I have such big plans for this little growing community and not a lot of time before baby number two makes an appearance to get my ducks in a row.  What better way to bring in the new year than with a list of goals and things to learn?  Will I learn them all? Will I accomplish them all?  Who knows!  Will making a list and setting intentions help me on my new path regardless?  Absolutely. 

     Before making my 2018 goals list, let’s revisit my goals for 2017 and see how I did.

1) Exceed 2016 business profits. Check

2) Become more organized and better at cleaning.  Does hiring someone to clean my house twice a month count?

3) Lose baby weight from January birth.  Nope, just got pregnant again instead!

4) Balance working and new baby.  As we can all attest, this is pretty much always a work in progress and was a lofty goal for pre-baby Brittany to aim for.

5) Publish an ebook.  Worked on a pet sitting business for moms ebook for the past six months and haven’t got to a point where I’m satisfied with it.  Own worst critic, am I right?

     So basically 2017 me only fully accomplished one goal out of five, giving me a 20% success rate.  Not great.

     2018 me is going to set goals a different way.  Instead of focusing on uber specific goals that will make me feel bad if I don’t fully complete them, I’m going to focus more on progress, growth, and how I want my actions to make me feel.  Using these guidelines, my 2018 goal list will look like this:


1) Work on learning new skills to benefit Doing Business and Raising Babies such as better website editing, learning how to grow an online community organically, and improving my writing.

2) Continue to work on pet sitting and embroidery to the best of my ability but do not get discouraged if I need to delegate more pet sitting appointments to my independent contractor or if I have to do much less handmade work.

3) Read as much as possible.  2017 had me reading about half the books I normally get through each year which made me feel awful, but by setting my goal to read ‘as much as possible,’ I hope that no matter how many I get through will give me an accomplished feeling.

4) Find balance, to the best of my ability, as we transition to a family of four. Do not get upset if it is harder than you think it will be and you have to make more sacrifices than anticipated. 

     Above all, I plan to go into the new year with a series of questions in the forefront of my mind:  Will this make me feel good about myself?  Will it benefit my family?  Will it add to my happiness or my stress?  Will it take me closer to fulfilling my goals and dreams?

     By focusing on how every decision will make me feel and on progress (not perfection), I hope that at the end of 2018 I will feel much better about my accomplishments than I have this year.  If you look at how much you have GROWN within each goal, it won’t matter as much if you fully achieved it. 


     If you want to try out this method of resolution making, check out my guide for setting your own goals and intentions for the coming year!


Yours in business and motherhood,


 Overcoming fear and seeing yourself as a real business owner (with workbook pages!)

Overcoming fear and seeing yourself as a real business owner (with workbook pages!)

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