The Future of Doing Business & Raising Babies

I always make a point to say that Doing Business and Raising Babies was NOT started as a way to make a profit. It was created out of my desire to help other mothers like myself in starting and growing their own businesses. It was made to be a community that focuses on education and motivation. That creates a support system of mothers. That cuts through unhelpful information and resources and presents it in a not overwhelming way. I purchased pins and stickers to use as gifts and a way to say thanks to those kind enough to give their time and words in the Mother Run Series. After seeing how much money it took to create this space, I decided to list the products in an Etsy shop as a way to recoup some of the cost of starting this page. I recently had to compile all of my 2017 receipts for tax purposes and saw for the first time the exact amount of personal money I spent since last August in creating this space and making it what I wanted it to be. Between paying for a website and url for a year, logo design, pins and stickers, postage on thank you packages, testing out new logoed products like totes, business cards, etc—I invested almost $1000 into start up costs in 2017. Which is fine because I love it and want to create something that genuinely helps others.

     All that being said, it’s easy to feel like a hypocrite when I state that my main goal is not making a profit and then turn around and post a link to my shop for anyone who may want a pin or copy of the Mother Run business planning guide. Since starting, I’ve now spent around $1200 building this and made around $100 in sold products. 99% of time I give things away for free, because that was the intention all along. I send pins and stickers to all Mother Run participants. I sent out 17 free copies of the Mother Run business planning guide (I was blown away by everyone's interest and kinds words about this by the way!!) when I was looking for feedback. I’ve done a couple giveaways. And I LOVE doing that and will continue to do so. That’s not an issue.

     I recently started watching a free training series by Marie Forleo that is the precursor to her B School opening at the end of February. It has really made me think of where I want to take Doing Business and Raising Babies (also I recommend that you watch the free series, it’s eye opening and amazing). I have big plans for more mother themed products, more business workbooks, business workshops for mom’s wanting to start and grow a business, a larger FB group for sharing and seeking advice, and so much more. While I will continue to give out pin and sticker packs and offer up free copies of guides to those who need it—in order to continue to grow this into what I hope it can be and in order to continue creating things that hopefully really help others, I will also continue to market these products to anyone else who may want them. In an effort to not feel like i’m constantly selling, I created a separate page to market those items outside of Doing Business and Raising Babies.

     I will be taking B School here soon and have high hopes it can help me grow this community and create even more content I wish I had when I got started. No matter what, I don’t want the spirit of this space to change and I hope that my ultimate goal to HELP really comes across despite needing to market a bit. I am just one person, a mom with a one year old and a baby on the way. As much as I would love to invest and invest into this passion project without needing to sell anything, it’s just not realistic or responsible.

     I want to end by thanking everyone for their support thus far and for reading my rambling. If you want some merch but can’t part with money for it—contact me! I’m always taking new interviewees or open to accepting written work you’d like published and am always open to trades. If you need help with starting a business and can’t pay for a workbook, literally all you have to do is message me and let me know and I will send you a pdf version and ask for nothing but you passing on the knowledge to someone else when you’re in a position to do so.

      I hope that nothing I’ve said here will change how you feel about DB&RB and I hope that you are finding helpful information and motivation here and loving this growing community of mothers.