New Money Mindset: How an Abundance Mindset Can Change Your Life

New Money Mindset: How an Abundance Mindset Can Change Your Life

    I’ve been on a personal development journey lately and it’s taken me some interesting places.  In just a few short weeks, my entire life, mindset, goals, and business have changed. It all happened so fast I barely had time to think about what I was doing--one thing happened, and then another, and another, and another, and now here we are.  

    One of the surprising places this recent journey has taken me is to the topic of money.  I’ve taken a very close look at things I’ve never given much thought to. What do I remember about money from my parents?  How does making money make me feel? How does having money make me feel? How does asking for money in my business make me feel?  Do I value myself and ask for what I am worth? Does wanting to make money make me a bad person? Does wanting to make MORE money make me greedy?  And so much more. I’ve always said I don’t want to make that much money. Getting that ‘six figure’ income was never on my radar. It was more important to me to build a community and connect with people and make a difference.  And that’s true, 110%. But what’s also true is that for two years running, I’ve lost quite a bit of money on my quest to start and grow Doing Business + Raising Babies and that’s not sustainable. It’s time I make some money mindset shifts.   

    One thing I’ve always loved about myself is my ability to jump into things head first.  If I am doing something I am DOING IT, in all capitals and really loudly. I am diving in with minimal thought.  No starting small, no trial periods, it’s already done. I have had no problem spending my own money when I should only be spending my businesses money and that’s something I’m going to (try to, really try my hardest to) stick to in 2019. If the business can’t afford it, I can’t afford it. I’ve been doing this deep dive into money lately—feelings about money, mindsets, hold ups-- and what I’ve come to realize about myself is that I want more.  Not in a greedy way, but in a self sufficient way. In the ‘money is power and I want to make a difference’ way. I want to go back to school without destroying my savings or my family budget. I want to grow my business without dipping into my personal checking account. I want to donate to people's Gofundme and Kickstarter campaigns and give toward issues I care about. I want to help other mothers launch their businesses and that all requires money.  It not only requires money but also financial planning, financial responsibility, and an abundance mindset.

    Now, an abundance mindset is something that even a month ago I would have called woowoo bullshit, but it’s really not. If you don’t think there is enough out there for you, if you don’t think you are worthy of having something, or making more, or doing more-- you will subconsciously make choices against your best interests.  It’s like when people talk about manifesting. You aren’t just saying ‘I want this’ and suddenly what you want happens. You are consciously saying ‘I WANT THIS,’ loudly and often, and then because you are thinking of it all the time and are so focused on it, you tend to make choices that are more aligned with those goals! It’s not magic, it’s all YOU, babe.

    So please, sit down and really think about what your feelings and relationship with money are.  Take your mindset, your finances, your goals, your business, and your LIFE into your own hands. Become clear on what you want and what you’re worth.  I promise you’ll be happier for it.

Signs your money mindset needs a makeover:

  • You feel guilty wanting to make money or make MORE

  • You feel shame at having more than someone else

  • You think that if you have more it means you’re keeping it from someone else

  • You are uncomfortable talking about money—even with those you are close with

  • You ignore your bad money habits because the thought of trying to change scares you

  • You undervalue yourself and therefore don’t feel like you deserve money, even though you work hard

Easy steps to take to overhaul your money mindset:

  • Recognize that you don’t have to repeat the money habits you were shown growing up

  • Start a money journal and do a deep dive into the feelings you have towards money + why

  • Own the value of the work you do

  • Identify your trouble areas and make a plan on how to remedy them

  • Download the money mindset worksheets!

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