The Before

Before I gave birth I thought I would be a lot of things.

I thought I would be exempt from postpartum depression but i’m still struggling.

Chilling with his food pouch on a dog walk.

Chilling with his food pouch on a dog walk.

I thought I would be a homemade baby food aficionado, but I rely on boxes of food pouches from Costco to get me through a long afternoon of pet sitting or to occupy Wyatt as I rush to try and get something done.

I thought I would be an anti-germ freak but with four pets and never enough time to clean, sometimes the baby and his toys are a bit covered in cat hair and maybe even a little dirt tracked in by the dogs after playing in the yard. Sometimes he even eats pieces of food that he drops on the floor.

I thought I would enforce no screen time until age 2, but sometimes my husband isn’t home and I really need 15 minutes to shower and watching Baby Einstein or Handy Manny in the bouncer is the only way to keep Wyatt from crying and being upset while I’m out of the room.

I thought Wyatt would sleep in our room for at least a year, but after so many days of him accidently being woken up early by one of us or by a dog, we finally had to put him in his own room at 8 months.

Crawling around with dogs, one of his favorite past times.

Crawling around with dogs, one of his favorite past times.

Our expectations of motherhood before becoming mothers can be so off. What we thought we would be falls away to the realities of everyday life.  These expectations, whether they are from ourselves, our family or friends, or are what “society” says makes a good parent--it doesn’t matter.  We all do the best that we can and that’s all anyone can hope for.  

It’s so easy to let these these fallen expectations affect us negatively and make us feel horrible about ourselves and our parenting. Please, do not this happen to you.  Know that you are doing everything you can to keep your children safe and healthy.  A little floor food, dirt, or educational television does not a bad parent make.


Give yourself a little room to breathe, you’re doing great.

Yours in business and motherhood,