New Money Mindset: How an Abundance Mindset Can Change Your Life

Now, an abundance mindset is something that even a month ago I would have called woowoo bullshit, but it’s really not. If you don’t think there is enough out there for you, if you don’t think you are worthy of having something, or making more, or doing more-- you will subconsciously make choices against your best interests.  It’s like when people talk about manifesting. You aren’t just saying ‘I want this’ and suddenly what you want happens. You are consciously saying ‘I WANT THIS,’ loudly and often, and then because you are thinking of it all the time and are so focused on it, you tend to make choices that are aligned with those goals! It’s not magic, it’s all YOU, babe.

    So please, sit down and really think about what your thoughts and relationship with money are.  Take your mindset, your finances, your goals, your business, and your LIFE into your own hands. Become clear on what you want and what you’re worth.  I promise you’ll be happier for it.