From Stitch to Sell

From Stitch to Sell


From Stitch to Sell is your no fluff, go to guide for starting your own hand embroidery business from home. Learn what tools you need to get started, how to sew three basic stitches that make up all of my pieces, how to finish your pieces for display, how hand embroidery is not an over saturated market, how to create your own patterns even if you aren't an amazing artist, how to price your pieces and make a profit, where to sell, Etsy specific tips, and how to turn your new skill into passive income.

I am the owner of Front Room Stitches and have been embroidering since 2012. I am self taught and has created this book to be a one stop shop to get you started on your own hand made profit journey. As a stay at home mom of two, I understand the importance of having your own goals to work towards and the importance of wanting and needing to contribute to the family budget. Hand embroidery is perfect for moms because of it's low start up cost and accessibility! In this book you will find simple and straightforward information to get you quickly on your way to making money at home! Happy Stitching!

Sections in this book:

-Why Hand Embroidery

-Beginning Business Basics

-Tools You'll Need

-Learning Three Stitches

-Finishing Your Piece for Display

-Finding Your Niche

-Creating Patterns

-Pricing Handmade

-Where to Sell

-Using Etsy

-Marketing Your Products

-Creating Passive Income

-Business Bookkeeping

-Seeing Yourself as a Real Business Owner

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