Motherhood + Business Affirmations Deck

Motherhood + Business Affirmations Deck


Affirmation deck for mothers in business! Whether you're a working mom or an entrepreneur mom, you'll find inspiration in this deck (and in yourself!). I created this deck to fight against those feelings of working mom guilt, being made to feel like your business isn't real, thoughts of inadequacy, fear of failure, lack of self confidence, etc. I hope these make you feel as badass and pumped up as they do me!

How to use these cards:
1) Start each morning by pulling one and getting inspired for the day!
2) Pick a card when you're going through a rough patch + be reminded of your awesomeness!
3) Leave them around for yourself to find as happy little reminders (tape one to your mirror or notebook)!

No matter how you use them, these cards will lift you up and make you feel as badass + powerful as you are, both as a business owner and a mother.

+36 card deck (35 affirmations + 1 instructional card)
+Please be warned that 5 cards contain the f word!
+3.5x3.5 inches
+come in their own box!
+Ready to ship!

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