Hand Stamped Secret Goal Cuff

Hand Stamped Secret Goal Cuff

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Wear your dream on your sleeve with this hidden reminder of what you're working towards everyday!

Ask yourself, what is the biggest, craziest dream you want to bring to fruition?

It can be anything—a revenue goal, a date signifying when you want to launch/accomplish something by, a person you want to collaborate with, a number of clients you want to reach, a publication you want to be featured in, something you want to learn, etc. It can be in the form of a number, a date, a statement—the sky is the limit as long as it reminds you of what you are aiming to achieve. If choosing a statement, I encourage you to stick to wording your statement as though your goal has already been achieved (a trick I picked up from following Rachel Hollis)!

“I made $10,000”

“I had an article published in a magazine.”

“I booked 10 new clients.”

“I launched my business on January 1.”

“I learned how to build a website.”

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+ Made to order--leave your message in the note section at checkout
+Unless you specifically request otherwise, the message is on the INSIDE of the bracelet
+14 gauge aluminum

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